Artifact: Implementation of an Adaptive Flow Management Framework for IoT Spaces


This paper presents the implementation and guideline of PlanIoT, an adaptive flow management framework for IoT-enhanced spaces. Such spaces are composed of applications deployed at the Edge with varying QoS requirements in terms of response time, timely delivery, throughput, etc. Configuring the Edge infrastructure requires tuning multiple parameters for optimal QoS satisfaction of applications. This is a complex task especially when the system has to be re-adapted (e.g., emergency situations). The PlanIoT framework manages application data flows in an adaptive manner. This is achieved via the following core software components: (i) a queueing network composer; (ii) an automated planning modeler; and (iii) an AI planner. This artifact presents implementation details of these components as well as guidelines for using the PlanIoT framework.

18th Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems (SEAMS)
Houssam Hajj Hassan
PhD Student (Télécom SudParis / IP Paris)