Cross-layer QoS-Aware Resource Allocation for IoT-Enabled Service Choreographies


Resource allocation for distributed systems is a well-known approach to deal with quality of service requirements. However, existing approaches do not consider the effects of resource allocation at the different levels of a system, especially when considering the end-to-end behavior of distributed compositions such as service choreographies. Based on our previous research on the optimized and QoS-aware resource allocation for service choreographies and publish-subscribe brokers, we outline a novel approach that integrates the treatment of resource allocation at both levels in order to yield a more precise control over end-to-end QoS. The paper presents an early architecture and discusses some of the main challenges towards realizing the approach.

5th Workshop on Middleware and Applications for the Internet of Things (M4IoT) – held in conjunction with ACM/IFIP/Usenix Middleware 2018