Towards Building Real-Time, Convenient Route Recommendation System for Public Transit


Public transportation is essential for sustainable and economical development of cities. Several transport organizations aim to provide service information to commuters through web and mobile apps. This information includes possible routes between two stations, estimated travel and arrival times, and real-time updates about traffic conditions. However, this information is currently not personalized according to commuter preferences. In this work, we emphasize the need for personalized transit service information to commuters and present a vision of our work in this direction. Our final goal is to develop a fully-functional personalized route recommendation system for public transit commuters. This involves identifying commuter preferences and suitable recommendation techniques, and developing a platform to communicate this information to the commuters. We identify the requirements for the development of this platform, and propose an architecture for our system. As a proof of concept, we present an Android participatory sensing application - MetroCognition, which acquires feedback on convenience experienced by commuters in public transit.

IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2)