Service-oriented Distributed Applications in the Future Internet: The case for Interaction Paradigm Interoperability


The essential issue of interoperability in distributed systems is becoming even more pressing in the Future Internet, where complex applications will be composed from extremely heterogeneous systems. Open system integration paradigms, such as service oriented architecture (SOA) and enterprise service bus (ESB), have provided answers to the interoperability requirement. However, when it comes to integrating systems featuring heterogeneous interaction paradigms, such as client-service, publish-subscribe and tuple space, existing solutions are typically ad hoc and partial, applying to specific interaction protocol technologies. In this paper, we introduce an interoperability solution based on abstraction and merging of the common high-level semantics of interaction paradigms, which is sufficiently general and extensible to accommodate many different protocol technologies. We apply this solution to revisit the SOA- and ESB-based integration of heterogeneous distributed systems

European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing (ESOCC)